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 Into The Wild press junket interviews - 2007

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PostSubject: Into The Wild press junket interviews - 2007   Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:53 pm

I found a few old Q&A interviews with Kristen from the ITTW press junket back in 2007. I don't think I've seen these posted anywhere before.

Cosmo girl - September 2007

Quote :

I actually got a call from my agent, who said that Sean [Penn] wanted me to call him on his cell! He said that he really liked me as an actor and was wondering if I could do him a favor and come do a table read. I was like, "Yeah, dude! I’ll do you a favor!"


Well, she’s fully isolated and completely sheltered, but I can relate to how she unabashedly falls for Chris. I have those same feelings, but I’m a lot more shy than she is.


Uh, no! I mean, Emile is a bit older than me! I’ve always really liked his movies, though. I wasn’t starstruck, but when you admire people like that, it’s the coolest thing to work together. He’s not your typical boy-next-door cutie. He’s pretty intense!


If there was ever a film that was musically inclined, I would absolutely be there and down! I love music and I’ve always played guitar. But no, I’m definitely not cutting a record. There are really cool people I’ve been playing with lately, but there won’t be a Kristen Stewart album!


Actually, there was a fight! Sean [Penn] thought it would be cool to bring in Hell’s Angels, and right in the middle of one of my songs with Emile, we see the whole crew rushing into the crowd. All of a sudden, the crowd got smaller and I see a little person jump up to slug this other guy in the face!


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PostSubject: Re: Into The Wild press junket interviews - 2007   Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:04 pm

October 03, 2007

Quote :

Hollywood.com: Are you a real singer and a musician?
Kirsten Stewart: I always played the guitar and I like sing to the radio, but I’ve never sung for anyone before.

Sean Penn
HW: Can you talk to us about working with Sean Penn and what impression he left on you?
KS: Sean is not only an actor, but I completely idolize him as a filmmaker. As a person, he’s just great and has the most massive amount of integrity. He’s great, self assured and sure of his convictions and clear thinking. He didn’t just have the whole story in mind, he did it. To tell the story in the way that he did in life, I mean you have to live it.

HW: Which he did literally?
KS: He took the trip. He went and he took the whole trip that Chris [McCandless] took in making this movie with Emile. He is a strange combination of things because he’s that person who is really like a figure to look up to and then also like one of the most pensive, gentle, emotionally in tuned, cool people.

HW: How does David Fincher compare to working with Sean Penn?
KS: Sean has a different spirit. I mean he’s definitely encompassed something that was so warm. Like he took everyone that was in this movie--wanted so badly just to do it--to tell the story, and he really just took us all in. Fincher had a daughter my age so he was really good. I remember him being like a cool guy and at that point, I was ten years old and it [Panic Room] was sort of fun to do.

HW: Were you intimidated by Sean Penn?
KS: Yeah the thought of him was intimidating!

HW: Any examples? When was your first meeting with Sean?
KS: My agent called me and told me I had to call his cell phone. I called him up and he said he knows me and there’s a story…a script he’s been writing that he loves. He’d gotten to a certain point and didn’t know how to go any further. So he put together a ‘table read’ and the first time I met him was he came over to my house with Emile to show me some of the script.

HW: What did Sean think the script needed?
KS: Actually he needed a young girl to read these two parts because he didn’t know any actresses he liked.

HW: What do you remember learning from Jodie Foster?
KS: That she does what she believes. She doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t want to do. She does the stories she wants to do. She’s not going to compromise, and you do well when you do things you want to do.

Full interview at: http://www.hollywood.com/feature/Kristen_Stewart_Into_The_Wild_/4911265
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PostSubject: Re: Into The Wild press junket interviews - 2007   Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:11 pm

Quote :
Q: I read that you auditioned for Sean Penn with a song. Was that fun or scary or is music another career you want to have?

Kristen: No. But it was one of the most creatively-freeing experiences. Music is one of the most emotionally expressive things you can do. If I’m not feelin’ it, I can’t sing. Those two nights [where she sings for a crowd in the film], something was going on. It’s not always you can give that much. But, yeah, it’s intimidating. I went in and played "Blackbird” for him. That’s a hard song to sing to. I’m not a singer. I can play it but he was really funny about it. He asked me if I didn’t want him to look at me. "Do you want me to turn around?” "No, you have to see it.” But, I’d never done anything like that. It takes a guy like Sean to make you come to it and pump out the words.

Q: Did you and Emile practice singing together or just do the performance on the day?

Kristen: We had met. I pre-recorded it with Emile and that was the only rehearsal time. But, once we got to set, Sean was like, "You know we have the mics set up and it’s so much cooler if you guys just do it.” But, no full out rehearsal. He’s not into rehearsal. That stuff should happen naturally.

Q: What was it like working together with Emile. Did you not hang out between scenes?

Kristen: We hung out. Where we were, it was very isolated so you kind of hang out with each other because there’s no one else around. We were really shooting at Slab City. I cared a lot about the scenes we had to do. It’s short and sweet but kind of packed. There’s a lot in it. Emile is one of the most confident actors I’ve ever worked with. He’s like "Don’t worry. Don’t think about it until he calls ‘action.’” Just let it happen, really impulsive. We had long conversations because we had so much time to kill but it wasn’t specifically about our little story.

Q: How is working with Sean as a director?

Kristen: He’s a man of few words but just the most communicative. There’s a very unspoken thing about him. You are all there for the same reason, all invested and it’s very clear that’s all a part of his grand plan. He always says that he doesn’t pull performances out of actors but he puts you somewhere where you are comfortable enough with yourself to be able to give that much. It’s not always like that on set. You’re not always too clear about the story you are telling or who you’re playing or the other actors that you’re with but it was very cohesive. He’s the most gentle guy. It’s easy to give him what he wants. You have a driving force. He cares so much about it. He told me, "I specifically want you.” He hires people that he trusts. You can’t lie to Sean. He was good at clearing your head.

Q: Are you the kind of girl who could live the Bohemian or vagabond lifestyle that your character does?

Kristen: I feel like my character has lived there her whole life. She’s never really been anywhere else. Those people don’t really live very differently from the way we do or I do. They are just away. I sort of follow from right here [she indicates her heart]. That’s sort of what leads me and the same with them. I don’t feel like I need to get away from something. I’ve always been given as much freedom as I need so it’s not something that I fight for but, under different circumstances, I have that spirit in me.

Full interview at: http://www.moviesonline.ca/movienews_13017.html
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PostSubject: Re: Into The Wild press junket interviews - 2007   

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Into The Wild press junket interviews - 2007
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