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 Tweets from Eclipse Press Conference

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Tweets from Eclipse Press Conference Empty
PostSubject: Tweets from Eclipse Press Conference   Tweets from Eclipse Press Conference Icon_minitimeSat Jun 12, 2010 12:36 pm

Tweets from Kristen's press conference

HitFixDaniel That's it for Kristen Stewart. http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/2008-12-6-the-fien-print/posts/twilight-saga-eclipse-press-conference-live-blog-kristen-stewart Up next? Mr. Robert Pattinson...

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: People should go see Elcipse. You don;t need to se the other movies to understand whats going on

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Breaking dawn it will be PG 13

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Starts in uly In The ROad

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Excited about her next movie on th road her favorite book

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: control freak

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Can;'t wait to get marrried and have a kid in Breaking Dawn

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Fusterating watching old movies. Breakign dawn will be two movies excited to do it that way

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: A different Bella

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: kissing jacob for real was trickly in eclipse

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: Was nervous kissing Jacob

hollyoutbreak action was other peopkes reosonability; Didn;t get to runaround much

hollyoutbreak she drives a minni-cooper in real life

hollyoutbreak kristen Stewart: lik to play part of bella

theawfultruth Kristen says challenging scene in #eclipse was kissing jacob for real

taryder Kristen says it was a mistake for bella kiss jacob

BUZZNET Kristen says she's not ready to get married but believes in it. She has a "pretty great family" and looks forward to having one of her own.

taryder Kristen says ya I believe in marriage, I'm not ready but whateber you want to do

BUZZNET Kristen says she's kind of a control freak- she likes to know what is going on and what to expect (she'd make a good boss) #Eclipse

BUZZNET She's playing Marylou from Jack Kerouac's On The Road, which was her first favorite book. We honestly can't wait to see that movie. Iconic

BUZZNET Kristen says that she thinks the speculation about her and Rob will go on til the films end. (It IS relentless. We feel for them) #realtalk

colliderfrosty Just asked kristen how long has she known bd would be two movies and how long is shoot. She said she's known 4ever and its a 6 month shoot

theawfultruth #kstew says they knew breaking dawn would be 2 films "forever" and is glad she can talk about it

BUZZNET Kristen says it will be exciting to watch Bella become a 17 year old kid into a matriarchal character #Eclipse

taryder K I did it.... She has a hunch on rating of BD. I know big tease ill post her thoughts later. Also a reporter "went there" with Rob stuff

BUZZNET Apparently Kristen and Taylor end up cracking up more when filming scenes together, more so than with Rob #Eclipse
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Tweets from Eclipse Press Conference
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