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 Runaway Success (article)

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PostSubject: Runaway Success (article)   Runaway Success (article) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 11, 2010 5:56 am

She's emo's pin-up girl, the perfect Bella, but Kristen Stewart also knows how to give the finger to Hollywood by tackling real roles in real movies.

By Diane Coetzer

Quote :
Kristen Stewart sports a proto-mullet for the role of The Runaways' Joan Jett opposite Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie.
For someone who's as reluctant a celebrity as she clearly is, Kristen Stewart more or less leaves it up to her hair to speak for her.

Just as her new movie, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, opened in South Africa, the actress caused a major cybersurge when she turned up for an interview with David Letterman sporting a head of chic, auburn hair.

Seconds after the 20-year-old strode onto the set of The Late Show, clad in a one-shoulder little black dress, the bloggers were at it: "Kristen Stewart debuts new hairstyle: love it or loathe it?" demanded a gazillion blogsites and, seconds later, a gazillion-plus pundits were weighing in.

It had been no different when Stewart was first seen out and about in 2009 with her hairdo during filming for the biopic, The Runaways.

"Kristen's got a mullet," shrieked the tabloids before those in the know scrambled to archly correct the writers of the horrified online posts that it was actually a "glam-rock shag" favoured by the guitarist for The Runaways, Joan Jett, whom Stewart had been cast to play.

It's no real surprise to find Stewart happy to let her hair ratchet up media space for her: no matter what she does, the actress can't properly escape the moody, twitchy, lip-bitingbox she's been shoved into since her career went supersonic on the back of the first Twlight movie in 2008.

And you can't say Stewart doesn't make an attempt to play the game.

She tries irony. "We were told time and time again that it was completely fine to learn how to scuba dive in 10 minutes," she tells Letterman about an experience in Australia, swimming with sharks. She tries to be serious. "When we were in Berlin . I went to the Holocaust Museum and that was incredible for me .," she confesses. Stewart even attempts the personal card, bringing in pictures of her pet wolf, Jack, to her Letterman appearance.

But no matter what the Los Angeles-raised actress does, the heaving mass of Stewart commentators are having none of it.

"Painfully awkward Kristen," roared the headlines yet again, post the Letterman show - also laying into her for describing her recent movie junkets as more fun because her current boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, was working and her companion was her "active" co-star Taylor Lautner.

Actually, if pundits cared to look a bit deeper, Stewart's elegant, more sophisticated current look is matched with a deeper self-knowing.

Read the rest of the article here: TimesLive

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Runaway Success (article)
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