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PostSubject: OSCARSTEW cause of STRIPPERSTEW   OSCARSTEW cause of STRIPPERSTEW Icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 10:20 pm

Kristen Stewart for the Oscars? ……….. Might get it for her gritty performance

Kristen Stewart might get an Oscar nomination if recent buzz is to be believed. Now don’t you start people with all your views about her Twilight character, it’s her gutsy performance in the upcoming movie ‘Welcome to the Riley’s’ that is getting her all kind of rave reviews by critics and the media alike.

Kristen Stewart has quite impressively portrayed the character of a self-destructive 16-year-old stripper /prostitute in the Jake Scott directed movie “Welcome to the Riley’s.”

The movie debuted in the Sundance Film Festival after which the journalists have gone gaga over young Kristen’s performance. They have even appreciated the performance of James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo.

The MTV review states that Stewart is “utterly fearless in ‘Welcome to the Rileys.’ That’s the takeaway from the film’s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday afternoon. You can quibble all you want with her portrayal of a 16-year-old runaway turned stripper and prostitute. But you cannot walk away from a viewing and say the actress doesn’t fearlessly expose herself physically and emotionally, and doesn’t do so with astonishing maturity and believability.”

Oscar guru Sasha Stone at awardsdaily.com declares that “if Stewart is (in the) supporting (actress category) it seems all but certain she will be nominated for this.”

Wow! Kristen really scores with this one….after a huge fan following and an Oscar worthy performance Kristen is surely one great actor in the making

source : Entertainment and Showbiz

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PostSubject: KStew could be nominated for an Oscar for WTTR   OSCARSTEW cause of STRIPPERSTEW Icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 9:45 am

Kristen Stewart could be nominated for an Oscar for film Welcome To The Rileys

Her performance was acclaimed at the Sundance Film Festival

The rumor is getting stronger that Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" may have gotten an Oscar nomination for her role in Welcome To The Rileys, which hits theaters in October.

In the movie, Kristen Stewart plays a troubled young woman befriends an older couple, played by James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. They have recently lost their daughter. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and the reaction to the three performances, particularly that of Stewart, was quick and positive.

In Welcome To The Rileys, Kristen Stewart , opt for a more mature and challenging because it is a stripper prostitute out of control that has no one to look after her, an entirely different role to that of Twilight.

Source: netjoven.pe (article was originally written in Spanish)
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