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 Fan Review of Welcome to the Rileys via MIFF

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Fan Review of Welcome to the Rileys via MIFF Empty
PostSubject: Fan Review of Welcome to the Rileys via MIFF   Fan Review of Welcome to the Rileys via MIFF Icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 6:03 am

Fan Review of Welcome To The Rileys by @Mel452

As soon as I heard that WTTR was going to screen at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) this year - bought my tickets to a session and my flight from Sydney. I was so excited!

First and foremost, I loved WTTR.

The relationships that enfold between all the characters in the story are surprising, funny, heart wrenching and real.

The cast and their performances also give the story something very unique. James and Melissa’s performances as the troubled couple, Doug & Lois, was incredible. James played Doug with such sensitivity.

Kristen put so much into playing Mallory. Her body was riddled with real bruises, as some may or may not know, but she portrayed Mallory’s deep emotional bruises with so much honesty and raw emotion in every scene. Everyone will be so impressed even more then most already are...and if they aren’t, they will. I’m so proud of her. Smile

For all the cast’s performances, what impressed me more was when there was no dialogue. Saying nothing said so much in this film. I empathized and sympathized every inch of the way with all the characters.

Being a fan of Kristen, maybe I can be bias, but it is was incredible to see and hear other’s in the theatre (majority of them serious more mature film festival buffs) reaction to the film and to her. The audience were enthralled just as I was, saw people with tears in their eyes, there were laughs at the right moments and heard a few times different variations of people saying “gees that Twilight girl can really act”.

I really can’t say anything more as it will then be very spoil-ery.

Can’t wait till everyone every where sees it and I can’t wait to see it again and again. Smile
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Fan Review of Welcome to the Rileys via MIFF
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