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 Fan Account of the Twilight Eclipse Convention LA

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PostSubject: Fan Account of the Twilight Eclipse Convention LA   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:43 am

Fan Account of the Twilight Eclipse Convention in LA by @RobKris13

Pics from the event: bit.ly bFHHpg

The Twilight Eclipse Convention on June 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency in L.A. was EXTRA special because 23 cast members attended including Rob, Kristen & TL!
We checked into the Hyatt around noon thirty on Friday and registered for the convention downstairs on the Plaza level of the hotel. They gave us the schedule of events, purple plastic wristbands, and lanyards that held a large purple pass with our seat number on it…we were front row center! We were told not to remove the purple wristbands until after we had left the convention (it would be impossible to put it back on) and to always wear our passes because security would be extremely tight. No one could access the convention floor on California level two floors down without showing both items to security!
Highlights from the panels and other events on Friday:
• Tinsel Korey (Emily) had a unique way of starting her Q&A. She asked everyone to stand and do an exercise routine for about five minutes that required us to alternately shake and make circles with our hands and feet. I called it “wolf gymnastics”! She talked at length about being a Native American actor, working with the rest of the cast, and she had us in tears when she recalled one of her favorite fan encounters. She eventually sat down, legs crossed, at the front of the stage and answered our questions…I really liked how relaxed she was talking with us.
• Next there was a Twi trivia game and it was very interesting. I thought I knew a lot of details about Twilight but the fans who participated in the contest were total Twi-Masters! Many prizes were awarded including a total of $1750 in gift certificates.

• Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call) said if he could play another character in the Twi movies it would be Felix. He said if he wasn’t in show business he’d be in the Navy and he’d want to be a Navy Seal. Someone asked him for a hug and he spent the remainder of time in the audience with the fans giving hugs and answering their questions.

• The panel with Michael Welch (Mike Newton) and Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) was a lot of fun! Mike came out and ran through the audience hugging fans and giving high fives before finally joining Justin on stage. They were quite a team and very entertaining! They ran around the stage singing and dancing and Mike hid by the side of the stage doing funny voices for a few minutes. They finally sat down to begin the Q&A but someone named Santana asked a question and they both started singing Carlos Santana songs!

They talked about working with different directors for each movie…Justin said he loved working with Catherine Hardwicke because every day was an adventure. It was fun to hear stories about filming Twilight, their favorite scenes in Eclipse, and a few fan encounters.

Mike indicated he had four new projects coming out this year and Justin said he had three. Someone asked what they did for fun when they weren’t working: Mike had hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim on Memorial Day and Justin had recently gone surfing in Nicaragua.

A fan asked them “what question are you the most tired of being asked?” Both said it was having the media constantly ask them if Rob and Kristen were dating. Mike said he loved Rob and Kristen but he didn’t know anything about their private lives and it was annoying when the media asked him for information about them. Justin said a foreign reporter once asked him if Rob, Kristen & TL did everything together. He asked for clarification and the reporter wanted to know if Rob and Kristen allowed TL to watch them when they were “together”. Mike just shook his head and joined everyone as we all went ewwwwwww together! When the panel ended, Mike ran into the audience once again and hugged fans and gave more high fives before leaving the ballroom!

• Booboo Stewart (Seth) was absolutely adorable! He has such a sweet and gentle spirit…totally perfect to play Seth Clearwater. He said his real name was Nils Allen Stewart and his mother had given him the nickname Booboo. He told us about doing his scenes in Eclipse and was surprised to discover the papz hiding in trees near the set trying to get pictures of the cast during filming. He and Justin hung out together but the whole cast had made him feel very welcome on the Eclipse set.

• The panel with Twilight Lexicon’s Alphie and Pel featured a video tour of Forks and La Push and there was a Q&A session afterwards. I really enjoyed seeing Forks and La Push and I was surprised to learn it takes hours to get to Forks from Sea-Tac Airport! It was interesting to see all the things the locals have done in the two locations so Twilight fans can have a memorable visit.

• The rest of the evening was designated for photo ops with the stars and there were a variety of other events including a Volturi Vampire Ball, parties, and a karaoke concert. I went to the karaoke concert hosted by Michael Welch and he started the evening off with his rendition of “Run Through the Jungle”. He also sang a few other solos throughout the evening. He performed duets with fans and was later joined by Kiowa Gordon and his band “Touche”. Mike’s high energy and playful attitude made it really fun for the karaoke participants and the audience!
Highlights from Saturday events and panels:
• We started the morning by seeing fantastic video footage from the Eclipse press kit! The cast talked about their characters and filming Eclipse…I really hope it’s all included on the dvd! My favorite quotes were from Kristen: “Bella & I have a very strong sense of self” and Ashley: “Alice is like a dark Tinkerbell”.

• The Cullen Family panel with Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Ashley Greene (Alice), and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) was terrific! When everyone first came out on stage, Peter told Jackson to look at the Hillywood person who was dressed liked Jasper. Jackson walked over and hugged the guy…for a long time! It was really funny.

Each time someone shouted “I Love You!” to anyone on the panel Peter would laugh and say “oh, that’s just my sister”. A fan asked Peter how Twilight would be different if Dr. Cooper from Nurse Jackie was in the movies instead of Carlisle. He said it would be a lot more entertaining because he’d be grabbing everyone’s boobs. Peter and Elizabeth talked about how great it was to have more scenes in Eclipse and everyone talked about the training involved for the fight scenes. There was a discussion about the first time the cast met Stephenie Meyer and the experience of working with a new director for each movie.

I loved seeing Ashley and Jackson…some great smiles were exchanged between those two! They informed us they had a lot more scenes in Eclipse and even got to kiss! They discussed Jasper’s back story and Jackson talked with a bit of a southern accent for a minute…it caused many fans in the audience to swoon. Peter and Nikki had a discussion about how Carlisle’s decision to change Rosalie really had both a positive and a negative effect on their characters. It was a great panel and I wish it could have been longer!

• Next was the Bad Vampire panel with Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) and Xavier Samuel (Riley). BDH was asked what would she change about Victoria in Eclipse and she said she’d make her run from Edward instead of fighting him. She said she wanted to live so she could be in Breaking Dawn. She and Xavier talked about filming their scenes and how much they enjoyed working with the cast. Xavier said his mother regularly monitored all the fan sites to make sure his personal information is correct. He also told us about a nasty encounter he had with a raccoon one afternoon when he and BDH were taking a break from filming. I think BDH even got a picture of it. They were asked what Twilight character they’d like to be if given a choice: BDH said Alice and Xavier said Jasper.

• The panel with Gil Birmingham (Billy Black), Christian Serratos (Angela) and Daniel Cudmore (Felix) was next. I especially enjoyed hearing Gil talk about playing a character in a wheelchair. He said it was very scary how natural it was for him to do it. He’d like to do more with the character of Billy Black and he mainly wanted to do projects that inspired people. He also talked about his music and he’s working on a CD right now.

My favorite story from Daniel was about filming the New Moon Volturi fight scene with Rob in Italy. Rob wasn’t sure at first if he could do the fight scene and make it look realistic without hurting himself; however, after a bit of training there was no holding Rob back! Daniel loved working with Rob and the fight scene was fun for both of them. He also talked about taking ballet lessons when he was a child and gave us a quick demonstration of his dance moves. I was not successful in getting a picture! He also told us a funny story about Charlie Bewley while they were filming in Italy. Charlie wanted to please the fans so much that he would go out of his way to provide photo opportunities for them and would almost cause a riot every time.

All three discussed working with their favorite charities and many fans in the audience were familiar with the various groups they mentioned. They told us about their upcoming projects and Christian said eventually she’d like to play the part of a mentally ill person because she thought it would be a very challenging role.

• Following another presentation by Twilight Lexicon, fans in a specific group were allowed to meet Gil, Daniel, Tyson, and Christian and get their autographs. I had them sign my Twilight book and now I have eight signatures in it. Peter, Kellan, Edi, and Michael Welch signed it when I attended the first L.A. TwiCon last year in May. It was fun to chat with all of them. Gil and I talked a bit about being Native Americans and how much it meant to us having Native actors play the wolf pack. Gil’s handler finally had to end our conversation to keep things moving…he’s a wonderful person and very handsome! Later I had an opportunity to talk with Daniel and Tyson just a bit more at a party prior to the celebrity concert.

• The Twilight Auction was next and truly an amazing thing to watch! I knew some of the bids were going to be high but I think all of us including the auctioneer were surprised at the amount of some of the winning bids! There were several signed items, tons of posters and banners, dolls, and a variety of other Twilight related items up for bid. The stars of each panel signed large banners that hung on either side of the stage during the convention and those were also part of the auction.

The first item was a framed picture of Edward and signed by Rob…it went for $875! That was just the beginning! A framed picture of Edward and Bella and signed by Rob and Kristen sold for $900. There was a picture of the Cullen kids in the school cafeteria and signed by all five stars that went for $1000, as I recall. A Twilight poster signed by Stephenie Meyer and the whole cast went for $1300! However, the most expensive item of the day was a framed picture of Edward and Bella in Twilight kissing on her bed and signed by Rob and Kristen…it sold for $1350! When the bidding for this item reached $950 dollars the crowd gasped and continued to do so after each bid. Once it hit $1100, people screamed as it kept going higher and higher and finally major applause for the winner at the end!

• The next panel was with Alex Meraz (Paul), Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater), Chaske Spencer (Sam). Each one recalled how they first heard they had been chosen for their roles and what it meant to them as an individual and as an actor. They told us about meeting the rest of the cast for the first time and filming scenes in New Moon and Eclipse. Chaske and Alex talked about having to wear less clothing than the vampire cast and being able to work with TL and Kristen. Julia talked about being the only wolf girl on set. Alex said he invented the “paw slap” since wolves can’t shake hands and now the wolf pack uses it as a greeting when they meet even when they’re not filming. This was a good panel and I wish they’d had more time to talk to us!

• Rob, Kristen & TL were scheduled to begin their panel at 7 pm. The excitement and energy in the room was so intense that when the announcer said “good evening everyone”…people immediately started screaming. He finally managed to get everyone to be quiet so he could tell us the Twi Trio was running late but they should be there in approximately 20 minutes. They had been doing promotional interviews for Eclipse since early that morning and they were just wrapping up.

They decided to show all of the Eclipse trailers while we waited. We watched the trailers, the lights came up, and at the same time someone opened the door near the stage and walked out. The screaming started again but it was just a security person! This made everyone laugh and the announcer assured us that he would let us know when they had arrived. The press was already there but a few minutes later a horde of media was allowed to enter the ballroom and several sat down on the floor along the side of the stage. Someone started the wave and that gave people an opportunity to use some of their nervous energy.

I also became aware there was a lot more security everywhere including at the front of the stage…they knelt down so everyone could see over them. Tinsel Korey came out and sat on the steps near the stage waiting with the rest of us and by now the atmosphere was absolutely electric! If only there was a way to harness all that energy…we’d never have to pay for electricity ever again!

Finally after a 45 minute delay, I knew they had arrived when Nick (Rob’s manager) and Dean (Rob’s bodyguard) entered the ballroom via the door near the stage. The announcer reminded everyone to stay seated at all times and then he introduced them…Rob, Kristen & TL walked out on stage to greet 2,000 super excited fans!
The first thing I noticed immediately was that Kristen had chosen to sit in the middle and it made me so happy! It was obvious they were tired from their long day but all three were laughing, very playful, and teasing each other…even a bit giddy at times. I thought it was really funny when one would answer a question and the other two would laugh at the answer even though it seemed like a serious response. I especially enjoyed watching Rob and Kristen talking to each other sometimes while TL answered a fan question…love that Robsten Bubble!
I absolutely loved the whole session but some of my favorite moments:
• Rob was asked if they made a movie about him who would he want to play him and he said his son! It was a great moment and I loved Kristen’s reaction to his answer. She looked at him a bit shocked and then said “oh my god” and turned toward TL, threw her hands up and bent over to hide her face for a second! She was smiling but she couldn’t look at Rob for a minute or two…Rob just sat there the whole time giggling! It was a very sweet moment for this Rob and Kristen fangirl!!

• They were asked what scene they were looking forward to in Breaking Dawn. Rob thought for a moment, looked at TL and said “don’t you sleep with a baby in it? I can’t wait for that! I’m going to be waiting on set!” Everyone groaned and laughed! Then TL looked at Rob, pointed at Kristen and said “don’t you ah, don’t you sleep with her in it?” The place exploded with screams! It was fantastic watching them tease each other and Rob’s final comment of “I just love babies” was the icing on top!

• Rob was asked “what is your favorite trait about Edward” and he thought for a long time but couldn’t think of anything. Someone shouted for him to just sing and he started singing in a really high voice “my favorite trait about Edward.” I enjoyed hearing him sing even if it was only just five words!

• What is your favorite movie not including any of the Twilight films…Rob said The Runaways and Kristen responded with Remember Me.

• Someone shouted for Rob to say “nachos” and he did it.

• Rob and TL talked about filming the tent scene…I loved how the three of them giggled practically the whole time they talked about it!

• Kristen was asked the question “have you ever been star struck”…it was fun to watch her and Rob talk about her answer before she spoke. He encouraged her to go ahead and talk about it and she told us about meeting Kate Winslet.

• I loved it when Rob asked everyone if they were big Harry Potter fans and then seeing him and Kristen pump their fists together after getting a positive response from the audience!

• A fan shouted out to Kristen if she’d do all again and she said “oh hell yeah!”

Time absolutely flew by and it was over way too soon! When the host said “this is the last question” it seemed like the Q&A had only just started! The same thing happened last year when we saw them at Comic Con! I loved how Rob turned around one last time to wave goodbye to everyone as he left the stage. My friend and I stayed in our seats for a long time after they left and we talked with other fans that had also chosen to stay. I think people just needed time to let it all sink in before leaving the ballroom…it was so much fun!
Afterwards, we went to a party for fans attending the celebrity concert and we met Tyson and Daniel again and then Booboo came in later…we briefly talked to the three of them. All three are very down to earth people and we enjoyed our time with them. We also met fans from all over the U.S. and the world and that was really special too! It was amazing that fans had come from the UK, Canada, South America, Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia!
I never made it to the celebrity concert with Gil, Tinsel and Kiowa but perhaps there’ll be another opportunity in the future. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay for the panels and events on Sunday because I needed to get back to the OC that afternoon. We were leaving the Hyatt around noon and saw Booboo Stewart in the lobby. We thanked him for being there and he said goodbye to us. We really had a wonderful time and that was a great way to end our Twilight Eclipse adventure!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Fan Account of the Twilight Eclipse Convention LA   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:13 pm

Thank you for the great post.
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Fan Account of the Twilight Eclipse Convention LA
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