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 Viggo, Amy Adams Join 'On the Road' Adaptation

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PostSubject: Viggo, Amy Adams Join 'On the Road' Adaptation   Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:59 am

One of those pieces of literature that has beguiled Hollywood for decades with absolutely nothing to show for it is Jack Kerouac's On the Road. It is probably a combination of timing and finding money men who think it's worth the gamble.

By timing, I mean it's not as simple as just doing this story back in the 1950s. Cinema wasn't really there yet, and probably wasn't, in terms of mainstream studio movies, until the 1970s, when more daring stories could be told more daring ways. The gamble is just that: If you've waited 50 years to make the movie, don't you owe it to Kerouac to do it the right way, and won't that be a little trickier than some 90-minute melodrama?

Ironically or not, Francis Ford Coppola, who was on the forefront of an American film revolution in the 1970s, has owned the rights to the Beat Generation novel for overa quarter century, and finally - as a producers - he's bringing the film to life with the help of director Walter Salles. His Motorcycle Diaries makes Salles just about the perfect candidate.

Well, casting sure hasn't been an issue, and that's a great sign, because whether or not you like On the Road I think we can all agree that a book that has influenced so many people and a culture ought to go in guns blazing. To that end, Kristen Stewart, Kirstend Dunst, and Garrett Hedlund have already joined the party, as has Sam Riley from Control. Deadline now says that Amy Adams and Viggo Mortensen have been added to the ensemeble, giving the film something it really didn't have: Anchors.

Viggo will play Old Bull Lee, the renamed William S. Burroughs, and Adams is reportedly set to play his drug-addled wife, Jane. The big deal, though, is Riley, cast as Sal Paradise, Kerouac's alter ego. No pressure. But that's why I say the movie needs anchors. They don't necessarily have to carry the action, but having reliable, hard-to-knock talent like Mortensen and Adams is essential when the young cast around them doesn't have this kind of experience, certainly not under this big a microscope.

Source: http://www.getthebigpicture.net/blog/2010/8/7/viggo-amy-adams-join-on-the-road-adaptation.html
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Viggo, Amy Adams Join 'On the Road' Adaptation
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