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 Kristen and a fan from Argentina.

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PostSubject: Kristen and a fan from Argentina.   Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:16 am

apparently this was the girl who met Kristen the other day and her story was very far fetched. but still here's the proof that she really met Kristen.

this is what she said about Kristen :

Quote :
It all started the day I knew who would be the Cast of Twilight, I saw you at the MTV Movie Awards featuring the trailer next to Taylor, Robert, and Cam … you seemed so shy, so quiet, there was something that attracted me and did not know that. Twilight fan myself, locked in a world that I knew I could not affect me much. The important thing is that I learned to love being ‘Kristen’ and not Bella. Every gesture, every word I drew breath. I lived on the basis of photos and videos for over two years, gave me a joy hard to explain, every time I saw your face I conveyed your emotions, so it was easy loving you right away. Before he had no reason to live (although it sounds exaggerated) and were my reason to live, you and Patty, I clung to qe, for which he prayed every night that are good. You became the most influential woman in my life, and I doubt anyone understands my pain like you Kristen, NO. You had to live, but I am obliged. I wanted to know for what happened in my life, but was determined to ruin the moment, VOS Kristen Stewart, smiles you gave me when I least expected, you knew HAPPINESS replace tears, just seeing your angelic face as I told you, so find happiness, sonreíme only a split second. And know how else? knowing that you’re happy, fills me with nothing else in life, just knowing that. Just posting this so you know that your heart is much bigger than they think, therefore I clouds the mind. She had no need to do what he did for me, completely out of his heart, and that’s totally valuable. The number of stars that they care or take the time to meet me, and over so well.

I was always intrigued to know how you would be off camera … I never had the chance to see you out of a monitor or television, wanted to know if you were so wonderful. What you see as a flaw, I see as perfection.That’s the word … Perfect. Perfect Princess I LOVE YOU and die for you. Here I am, a week later, the dream fulfilled.It took time to recover. Fall of that day, was, is and will be difficult. All I want is to repeat and I do not care about anything else. A true All the fans I say: Do not lower the arms. She makes it all worthwhile.

Saving them the question: What I felt when I saw these green eyes? That everything in my life was as it should be, neither more nor less. Everything is abstracted to those 60 minutes. Being with the person you admire and love has no price whatsoever. And no, I will give this photo unbranded, never. ♥ They are my 20 pictures and it feels good to know no one has.

source : http://500daysofrk.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/new-pic-of-kristen-in-argentina-with-a-fan

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PostSubject: Re: Kristen and a fan from Argentina.   Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:48 pm

Great story. Thank you for bringing it here.
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Kristen and a fan from Argentina.
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