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 General review before joining the filming of "On The Road"

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PostSubject: General review before joining the filming of "On The Road"   Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:30 am

Translation of the article. From Le Monde.fr - Original French article: bit.ly 9ATRW4 - thank to @GaelleLovesMax for the translation in English
General review before joining the filming of "On The Road"

The basic training, as in the days of military service. These few weeks when recruits lose their identity are called "boot camp" in english.

Since july 7th, Walter Salles has brought together his own recruits in Montreal: Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart. For three weeks, the young stars have jumped back 65 years. Instead of the sergeant howling, ala Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge or R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket, they listened to Barry Gifford, the novelist of Sailor and Lula, who wrote a long time ago an adaptation of On the Road and The Book of Jack, a story about the writing of Kerouac's novel. Instead of uniforms, they tried the thrift of young people who, had they lived, would now be old enough to be
their (great) grandparents. They learned how to move, speak, think as those rebels who preferred to escape rather than fight, who tried to escape conformity and American prosperity by slipping between the lines.

For six years Walter Salles has tried to bring On The Road to the screens. In late 2009, when I met him in Lyon at the Lumière festival organized by Thierry Fremaux, he had temporarily given up, only a few weeks before the first day of shooting. Before they were famous, he had already chosen his actors. In his attempt, he had made a documentary gathering this testimony that Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hendlund have discovered this summer. Salles was preparing to leave for the island of Chiloe, off the coast of Chile, to shoot an original script.

And then in early 2010, everything that has been difficult so far cleared. A French producer, MK2, had an agreement with American Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola's company, who possessed the rights to adapt Jack Kerouac's novel into a film. The company of actors has been moving for more than a month now.
First in Montreal, who represents New York (deservedly so since Kerouac was from Quebec, he did not speak English before the age of six or seven years old) then in Bariloche, Patagonia, to find the snow of New Jersey in the middle of a boreal summer. Here they are now in New Orleans, where they shoot
a major part of the book: Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac, Sam Riley), Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady, Garrett Hedlund), Mary Lou (LuAnne Henderson, Kristen
Stewart), Ed Dunkel (Al Hinkle, Danny Morgan) arrive in the big house inhabited by Old Bull Lee (William S. Burroughs, Viggo Mortensen), his wife Jane (Joan Vollmer, Amy Adams), their two children and Galatea Dunkel (Helen Hinkle, Elizabeth Moss).

Tuesday, September 7th, the first day of shooting after a break for a few days in the endless wandering of Sal and Neal. Awaiting to get on the board, here's a mini-boot camp to have a vague idea of the venture Walter Salles has launched himself into.
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General review before joining the filming of "On The Road"
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