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 Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France

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PostSubject: Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France   Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France Icon_minitimeWed Sep 22, 2010 10:31 pm

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Nun With a Gun

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Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France Empty
PostSubject: Re: Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France   Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France Icon_minitimeWed Sep 22, 2010 10:39 pm


Quote :
Page 1:

Photographer, video director (she shot video-clips for The White Stripes, David Bowie, The Cure or Björk) and subtle connoisseur of the 70s music, Floria Sigismondi was in a good position to bring to the screen the short but intense story of The Runaways, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie's band. The director comments for us stills from this electric biopic.

Page 2:
Dakota Fanning is Cherie Currie

"I was over excited when she agreed to play in the movie. She has not only the right age for this role, but she also excels as an actress and shows a real maturity. Her metamorphosis is briliant. She plays Cherie's part without too much pity but her feelings are very strong within herself. Cherie was so young, I'm not sure she understood exactly what she was doing by choosing to wear these clothes. But she tried to be attractive and say something like : "Am I screaming loud enough to be heard?" It was rather symbolic in the movie that her mother hears her on the radio in Indonesia."

Page 3:
Liberation and Libido

"When he's asking her to "think with her cock", Cherie (Dakota Fanning) doesn't understand immediately what Kim Fowley, their manager, is saying. Then, when she decides to wear this corset, it's her own idea, but he's the one who planted this seed in her head. Joan (Kristen Stewart), she was already comfortable with her sexuality on stage. She was on an equal footing with the guys. She didn't want to be an object: "My instrument is mine, so is my sexuality.""

The Runaways
The first time I heard The Runaways on the radio, I was 10. What appealed to me is that they were bold enough to do things that girls didn't at the time. They formed an all-female rock band and really played their own instruments... The 70s are one of my favorite musical eras. A very exciting era, at the dawn of punk music, with glam-rock, rock'n'roll and disco starting to come up. All in all, it was a very innovative decade. But it's the crudeness of Iggy Pop that seems to best sum up the mindset of these girls for me. They just had their period and became aware of their bodies, their identities and the fact that people began to consider them differently. It's a very physical phase: we rebel against our parents, we untie all bonds, and music starts to embody all that."

Page 4:
To be up against the guitars

"Thanks to my experience in video-clips, I know how important is the authenticity of the performance. That's why I brought Dakota home, so that she could meet my husband who's a musician. I wanted her to understand what it is to be in front of a rock band. An actress is subtle ; a rock band not. She had to realize she was going to be up against guitars and drums. Kristen knew how to play guitar already and sang in Into The Wild. I wanted the girls to be convincing together, and that each one played with the proper tact. They rehearsed for a week, at the rate of 4 hours a day. It was essential that they become a unit as a rock band, and I think it shows in the movie."

Kristen Stewart as Jett
"I saw Kristen Stewart in Into The Wild and I found her fascinating. So many things show in her eyes. Joan Jett is a bit like that: although not devoid of emotions, she doesn't show it necessarily. Kristen has this quality, as well as a mix of harshness and shyness. She was perfect. I watched her transform before my eyes, borrowing the manners and attitudes of Joan, who was there on set as a producer. Joan Jett was famous for her black leather clothes. She was one of the first persons in America to wear this. It was a way to assert her singularity and self-confidence."

Page 5:
"To have Joan Jett on set was a guarantee of authenticity. If Kristen had done wrong, Joan would have told her certainly. It was comforting." Floria Sigismondi

Page 6:
Fan of...

"This sequence when Cherie makes a fool of herself playing a song by Bowie really happened, but with another song much faster. I chose Lady Grinning Soul to underline a difference of origin between Cherie and Joan: whereas Joan liked basic rock'n'roll a lot, Cherie had been raised listening to Dean Martin and her father's old stuff. She liked Barry Manilow! But it didn't keep her from being a fan of Bowie too. Lady Grinning Soul is a dramatic song but not rock, it works very well to show the evolution of Cherie's character towards something more radical."

Interview by Gérard Delorme. Premiere magazine

Translation by: @GaelleLovesMax
Via: @KstewAngel
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Runaways feature in Premiere Magazine - France
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