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 Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways

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Nun With a Gun

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PostSubject: Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:28 am

The Runaways Review in Spain by Uchiland

Quote :
I still remeber whe the official forum of Joan Jett began to talk about it,have been..thus the account of four old long years I think.By now I imagine that weaknesses are evident so long as has been the end,when it announced that Kristen Stewart and Cherrie Currie after Dakot Fanning,for me the movie could not be more perfect.Especially as an actor you like is to play one of the people you admire most from your childhood is always perfect,right?

For me this epic film.And part of the list of favorite movies.

You are about to leave,and has left and is leaving many mouths open and going silent,wwhere he goes.

Dakota is perfect...although it is rare that Dakota is not,lol.Many people are scare and think "where is the favorite child of Hollywood"..well yes, kids grow up,is what you have.As she says "Someday I will have 30" despite the horror that it creates in some people.

Michael Shannon is the perfect definition of "stealing scenes" in this film whenever he is on screen you forgot whatever is around the level of charactirization and eccentricity is classified.

Kristen Stewart is excellent,great,exceptional,splendid,superb...SUBLIME.

As I have said and I stayed at home.

The level of tranformation is complete,it IS Joan Jett in this film in every way...while giving up fear at certain points (especially if you know Joan Jett).The pity is that much of this transformation will be lost in the dubbing ( I highly recommended seeing this film in original version).

It is primarily w/ their interpretation w/ w/c they are running their mouths open and people are leaving to criticize both.Maybe in our country where Joan Jett is not known does not reach that level,when the move opens,but in America Joan Jett is an important person and "everyone" knows who she is and as it is,when things are evident,there is more to say.

On the rest of the cast,I was pleasantly suprised by Stella Maeve,is so cool and Hanna Marks (perhaps this influenced by the fact that I answered for twitter).Riley Keough need to do more movies no word there....(Is the best of Elvissiano will be in the genes?For those who do not know she is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley)

Scout TaylorComptons gets a couple of lines that your character will fall ill,and we must bear in mind that the story is told from the view of Cherrie and her and Lita were never congenial.

The paste,which is Alia Shawkat is completely wasted in this move...says a word that clearly was not in the script.Well not everything can be perfect 100% and certainly the history (real) The Runaways was not.

The characterizations of the girls are very good and the trip back to 70's is credible.It is a story of "Sex,Drugs and Rock 'n Roll" and not think twice when it comes to show it.

The songs on the soundtrack are great and they interpret Dakota and Kristen,The Runaways do justice to the originals.

In the photo montage it is palpable and the hand of the director,novel in feature question,with experience in the world of video.In fact the action climax of the band and the inflection point of the film,performing "Cherry Bomb" in Japan is filmed in the style of music video.

Perhaps you might consider ruling that the film focuses a lot on Cherrie and Joan,but the script is based on the authobiographical book Currie,focused,due to her friendship w/ her.

They also had legal disputes during the pre-production,as some mebers of the band did not get along very well w/ each other today and could not get the rights to show the history of Lita Ford and Jackie Fox was due.

This is also why,I suppose that at the end of the film,which makes a small mention of the type "that happened after",say nothing of Ford and Fox,but do not understand why no mention Sandy West whose right if they have.

Source : Http://tinyurl.com//33e3nrj

Thanks to @Uchiland for the link

Note : The Review is written in Spanish I just translated so if you find some wrong grammar pardon me Smile

I always keep,what's important only for me ~ Kristen Stewart
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PostSubject: Re: Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:42 am

Thank you very much!


Lua Cheia
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PostSubject: Re: Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways   Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:06 am


I'm @Uchiland, I wrote this review in spanish, my language :Þ.

I was asked to translate it into english though, but was posted here before I was able to do it.

I apreciate the work of the person who made the previous translation but as MJ23 said there are some gramma mistakes and was translated too literaly, and I used a lot of spanish idioms and expresions that obviously don't have a literal translation into english.

So I hope is OK that I post my own translation here. My english is not perfect of course, but I think this is more accurate to my original work.

Quote :
By Agueda Gamez (@TomatesVFritos) on 10/June/2010

Warning: I don’t have any willing to be objective while I write this review. I'm sorry. *Laughs*

I still remember when people at Joan Jett’s official forum started to talk about this, it was... I think, more or less, 4 years ago. I guess my weaknesses are evident by now, so the longest wait has been at the end, when it was announced that Kristen Stewart was going to be Joan Jett and after that, Dakota Fanning was chosen to play Cherie Currie, so for me this movie could not be more perfect. Especially because when an actor you like is going to play the part of one of the people you admire the most since your childhood is always so cool, isn’t it?

To me this movie is EPIC. And is already part of my favorites list.

Is going to be - and already was - surprise to many people, and is going to shut up some people’s mouths too, wherever it will be shown.

Dakota is perfect in it… but is weird when Dakota Fanning is not perfect, LOL. A lot of people will freak out and will think, “Where did Hollywood’s most lovely child gone?”… Oh yeah, kids grow up, that’s the way it is. As she said once “I will have 30 some day” even if people freak out about it.

Michael Shannon is the definition of the perfect “scene stealer” in this movie, every time he is on the screen you forget about the rest in the background, the characterization and eccentricity… they just nail it!

Kristen Stewart is excellent, great, exceptional, splendid, superb… SUBLIME.

Ok, I just say it… and it feels so great!

The transformation is complete, she IS Joan Jett in the movie in EVERY single aspect… in such a level that is scary sometimes. (Especially if you know who Joan Jett is). Is a pity that some part of this transformation is going to be lost in the dubbing (I highly recommend to watch this movie in its original version)

Is especially with her performance that a lot of people are surprised, and people is stopping the criticism around her. Maybe in our country where Joan Jett is not that well known will not be that evident, but in the USA Joan Jett is pretty well know y “everybody” knows who she is, and how she is, and when things are evident you can't denied them.

About the rest of the cast, I was really impressed by Stella Maeve, she is so cool, and Hannah Marks (maybe I’m under the effects of her reply in twitter ;P)

Riley Keough needs to make more movies, she is so talented… (Elvis hip moves are genetic? To those who don’t know, Riley is Elvis granddaughter)

Scout Taylor-Compton is able with a few lines to make you hate her character, and you have to have in mind that the story is told from Cherie’s point of view, and Cherie and Lita did never really got along well.

The drawback, Alia Shawkat is a complete waste in this movie… she just says one word, and is pretty clear that it was not in the script. Well, nothing is 100% perfect and obviously The Runaways’ (real) story wasn’t perfect.

The girls' characterization is good, and you can believe the journey back to the 70’s. Is a story about “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll” and is not ashamed to show it.

The songs in the soundtrack are great, and those performed by Dakota and Kristen make justice to the originals.

You can feel the director’s touch, debuting with this feature film, but with experience in the music video world, in the cinematography, script and editing. Actually the main performance of the band, and inflection point of the movie, singing “Cherry Bomb” in Japan looks just like a music video.

Maybe you can consider as a mistake that the movie focus too much in Cherie & Joan, but the script is based in Currie’s biographical book, which was more focused, because of her friendship relationship with her, in Joan.

There were also legal issues during pre-production, as some of the members of the band don’t get along with each other in the present time, and they didn’t have all the rights to tell about the lives of Lita Ford and Jackie Fox, as is was supposed to.

This is why, I guess, in the credits, when they make a short mention about “where are they now”, they don’t say a word about Ford and Fox, but I don’t understand why there is no mention about Sandy West, whose rights they did, in fact, have.

Link to my Blog "Tomates Verdes Fritos" (Fried Green Tomatoes)
Review in english: here
Review in Spanish: here
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PostSubject: Re: Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways   Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:53 am


Welcome Uchi! I am glad to meet you and glad you joint us!

Awesome job! Thanks for coming here and I hope you stay with us!

Feel at home and bring for us what kind of stuff you feel that is good, if you like. I hope to see more of your stuff!

Lua Cheia
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PostSubject: Re: Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways   Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:42 am

Thank you UCHI for coming here and thank you all for great job.
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PostSubject: Re: Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways   

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Fried Green Tomatoes (Spain) Review on The Runaways
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