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 Welcome To The Rileys Review

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Nun With a Gun

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PostSubject: Welcome To The Rileys Review    Welcome To The Rileys Review  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 8:35 am

French Reviews of WTTR from Deauville American Film Festival translated by lovely @GaelleLovesMax

Source: http://www.mulderville.net/index.php?p=11&ID=2739&IDfiche=2739&Contenu=2739

Tootpadu's review

Kristen Stewart never ceases to amaze us during Deauville American Films Festival. Through her second role in as many days, she gets rid of her annoying reputation of innocent girl in the Twilight saga, to surprise us with her acting even more compelling here than in The Runaways. This stripper, welcomed against her will by a fifty-year-old man who doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, is above all intrigued and flattered by the attention she gets. However, she's unable to grasp the opportunity that Doug offers her and take real advantage of it. Actually, her relationship with her surrogate father can't work because they both deny the incongruous nature of their encounter. Doug improves Mallory's daily life, and in return she makes an effort with her language. Yet, this exchange of courtesies can't bring a serious change in the lives of the Good Samaritan and the hooker, since it doesn't exorcize completely the cause of their existential distress: the mourning of a daughter who died or a life doomed to poverty at the bottom of the social ladder.
Against all odds, the one who sees this unlikely fairy tale with a far more pragmatic eye is Lois, Doug's wife, who's usually beside the point. Initially here just to bring some good comic diversions to the depressive mood of her husband, she slowly makes progress to the heart of this touching movie. Once she gets rid of her socially crippling phobias, she takes matters in hand with an ease and determination that was lacking in the well-meaning but clumsy approach of her husband. The strength of their relationship, for nearly thirty years, relies mainly on how these two deeply moving human characters complete each other. Melissa Leo inhabits this role with a disarming, even shocking, sincerity. She certainly draws much of the strength from her character, who's living a second life thanks to the unpredictable behavior of her husband, from her relationship with the latter, based on trust and loyalty, ready to forgive everything. But Melissa Leo's beautiful acting takes its full extent especially in times when she realizes her own usefulness, during the innocent flirt at the coffee shop or in these moments of maternal intimacy with Mallory.
Without being really up to this feat, the staging of Jake Scott, Ridley's son and Tony's nephew, is different enough of his family's influences to convince. His second feature film never seeks the easy way out to satisfy his audience. Logically, there is no happy ending down the road that Mallory, Doug, and later Lois took together. Just an appealing movie by the intimate tone and the credibility of its characters.

Mulder's review

Deauville festival allowed us to rediscover Kristen Stewart through independent movies. After The Runaways, inspired by a short period of rocker Joan Jett's life, she's again the center of a drama, Welcome to the Rileys.
A father, who lost his daughter in an accident, finds comfort with his lover who dies unexpectedly. The couple is not able to communicate anymore and a business trip allows him to have break and travel to New Orleans. In this movie, he meets a young stripper, about 20 years old, and he takes her under his guard, to the extent of moving into her home. His wife, who doesn't go out since the death of her daughter, dares breaking this lack of communication with the outside world to find her husband. She also meets the young lady, performed by Kristen Stewart. James Gandolfini, revealed to the audience by "The Sopranos", plays the role of the husband.
It is no coincidence that the action takes place in New Orleans. Like this city of Louisiana, which is being rebuilt since its destruction by Hurricane Katrina, this blended family will be able to regain hope and enjoy life again thanks to their encounter. The family is once again a haven of peace, where each one needs the other. As the waves of the sea, these three characters will collide, love, reject or get closer to each other.
However, no all-new idea in the screenplay allows this movie to stand out. Remain a good interpretation and an atmosphere peaceful enough for us to enjoy it.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome To The Rileys Review    Welcome To The Rileys Review  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 10:01 am

Thanl you very much!

Two fantastivs reviews! I really hope that the promotion be great for the movie be really seen worlwide.

Lua Cheia
Welcome To The Rileys Review  Luacheiamoviegoer
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome To The Rileys Review    Welcome To The Rileys Review  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 6:51 pm

Theank you for working on the collection.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome To The Rileys Review    Welcome To The Rileys Review  Icon_minitime

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Welcome To The Rileys Review
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