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 Welcome to the Rileys: Two Superstars for a very short movie

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Welcome to the Rileys: Two Superstars for a very short movie Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Rileys: Two Superstars for a very short movie   Welcome to the Rileys: Two Superstars for a very short movie Icon_minitimeWed Nov 10, 2010 8:51 am

Quote :
The Poster promises a conflagration betweet two icons of American culture.My left,The Emperor of New jersey,to my right the Princess of Forks,Washington.Tony Soprano and Bella Swan,mafioso who gave its letters of nobility on tv,the girl why fight vampirs & werewolfs.This is the sign of the failure of this comedy of manners that we never forget the status of itd performers,James Gandolfini & Kristen Stewart, whereas nothing scenario recalls "The Soprano" or "Twilight".

Doug Riley is a trader successful selling plumbing supplies in the Midwest.He carefully leads a double life.Unbeknownst to his wife ( Melissa Leo) ,voluntary seclusion in their suburban home. These people are sad,everything indicates,the heavy eyes of interpreters,long silenes household in each sequence. They have lost their daughter,in a car accident.

Random in a trade show in New Orleans,Doug met (in any well any honour,he pushes it's solicitation) Mallory, a very young stripper & prostitute in w/c he sees his daughter.

On this theme of mellow,Jake Scott .I seems tha he has been a list to be put.Although use decor decatis of New Orleans after Katrina,maximize talent to play the misplaced,implement muted violins,ah yes interpreters,also,don't forget the key humour.

Nothing it is neglected,each point of this programm is being inplemented w/ both application that never believed this arbitrary paternal love kills on a poor girl who asked not both.

It is simply confirmed in some old opinions : James Gandolfini is a great actor lifts throughout his life the shadow of Tony Soprano.Kristen Stewart shows each appearance that the charisma of youngster maybe inversely proportional not only her physical stature but in the interest of the character that made her famous ; also new Orleans dispute still so hard in New York & San Francisco city as the most cinegenique union.

Source : Le Mode France Cinema ... Thanks a lot for the heads up to @Linda_esty

I always keep,what's important only for me ~ Kristen Stewart
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Welcome to the Rileys: Two Superstars for a very short movie
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