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 Jimmy Cimino talks about #OTR cast Camaraderie

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Jimmy Cimino talks about #OTR cast Camaraderie Empty
PostSubject: Jimmy Cimino talks about #OTR cast Camaraderie   Jimmy Cimino talks about #OTR cast Camaraderie Icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 8:52 am

Quote :
But it was their interaction w/ each other that I found to be so wonderful.They were tender with each other.They would often finish each others sentences and wrap their arms around each other with pride of friendship as men,who have bonded with each other will. Each of them said this has beenthe greatest experience of their lives. I jokingly asked if they'd each be getting an "On the Road" tattoo like the cast of "Lord of the Rings" had gotten and they laughed and bought another around.

It was Pretty interesting to be sitting at a table in Vesuvio with four well known and soon to be famous actors who happened to be portraying Jack,Neal,Allen and Hinkle. And as we sat swapping stories I really got a sense of their journeythey'd benn through in the shooting of this film: long travel,exciting moments,challenges observed,tackeld and overcome. Ever once in a while someone would look at our table,seemingly recognizing someone,but unsure. No one approached however,despite the fact Garrett's pictures is all of a sudden everywhere this week...

On the left side is Jimmy Cimino w/ Al Hinkle

Jimmy Cimino talks about #OTR cast Camaraderie OTR6

Source : The Beat Museum

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Jimmy Cimino talks about #OTR cast Camaraderie
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