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 How Has Kristen Inspired You?

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Kristen's Ninja

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PostSubject: How Has Kristen Inspired You?   Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:53 pm

Just as the title says, how has Kristen Stewart inspired you on a personal level? It can be fashion, literature, films, or anything where she has influenced or inspired you.

For me, Kristen has inspired a couple of fan fiction characters that I've put into my Twilight Saga fan fics. Of course, being a guy and what not, Kristen's appearance and beauty inspired these two characters, Melinda "Mel" Swan and her sister Jennifer, or, as she perfers, Jess. Obvously, all of use being Kristen fans, you'll know who I named them after.

Mel is the older for the two sisters, and most resembles Kristen in so far as that she looks like her portayl of Bella in the Twilight films. Jess resembles her, but also looks a lot like Jenn Proske, who parodied Bella in Vampires Suck. Like Melinda Sordino, "my" Melinda was traumatized in her life, in my character's case by the murder of her first husband and subsequent failed romances, though she remained friends with several of her exes.

She does look like Kristen's portrayl of Bella in the Twilight movies, with messy brown hair, brown eyes, is about 5'6" (168cm) tall and weighs about 110 lbs with a skinny but athletic build. She rarely wears anything other than a T-shirt or tank top, jeans, and tennis shoes, and rarely wears make up, aside from some lip gloss and nail polish, usually black in color. She also has Kristen/Bella's stubby fingernails and Kristen's objections to wearing high heeled shoes. So she's definitnely the attactive tomboy/girl next door type.

Jess is more feminine, but is still a bit of a tomboy in her own right, though she'll wear dresses and such more often, and is very similar in appearnce to Mel from a distance, but has a slightly more feminine look to her face, largely because she wears more make up.

Both Mel and Jess, like Renesmee Cullen from Breaking Dawn and a couple of other OCs from my stories, are vampire hybrids, but were born to hybrid parents.

Mel was, as mentioned earlier, deeply traumatized by the murder of her human husband in Italy when she lived there with him, and that and other things that happened to her or her friends (breaking up an attempted rape, being cheated on by unfaithful lovers, and coping with her own sexual and emotional urges for love just to name a few) has made her somewhat manic at times--she can be happy and flirty one moment and crying, depressed, and unsocialble the next. She has generally coped well with her personal misfortunes, but feels that she needs a lover in her live to at least share those expeirences and vent her insecurities and angst.

Jess is happier and bubblier, but has some of Mel's introvertedness and mood swings, as she's hurt by her sis' emotional suffering. Both sisters find that helping out at the hospital in Forks with sick and injured children and baby sitting helps them feel better about themselves, but Mel's self-esteem (she blames herself for her husband's death, when in fact she was blameless) doesn't fully recover until she falls in love with someone who felt similar senses of loss and catharisis.

It should also be noted that Jess is in a successful relationship with a fellow male hybrid and become engaged to be married. This does make Mel happy and aside from some sardonic humor pointed at herself, doesn't make her jealous or upset. She's just upset and frustrated that she once had that in her life and she fears that she'll never get it back.

Now on to the meat: Where Kristen herself really inspires Mel and Jess is that they're both kind and generous, but also a bit shy and introverted. It takes some time to really understand them as people, but once one does, it's like "well, these chicks aren't bitches after all!" Also, in their own ways, both girls are kinda like what I call sensitive bad asses. Mel and Jess are kind of emotional, but they try to hide it at times. In public, especially Mel tends to put on a dead-pan face on things to try and discorage people from trying to think about what she's thinking. However, when both women are happy, they don't mind showing it, but to them what's private is private.

That doesn't stop them from voicing their opinions when the moment strikes them. Happy, sad or angry, they don't mince words on how they feel, and they really don't give a damn how people feel about them, especially people who are just pushing their buttons to get a rise out of them. They also have no objection to stand up to people who they think are wrong. Also, especially Mel, will respond with violence if forced to, even though she is a pacifist at heart. But if you want a fight, she'll give one a fight, and one will be sorry they made her fight them.

Kristen to me is a non-conformist badass who does know what's important in life and does have her head on straight. She tries to keep what she values as private private and doesn't mince words saying what she thinks, even if it may come across as awkward as she doesn't want to hurt people's feelings in certian situlations. She's also hurt and put-off by people who either believe her to be intentionally insensitive or are insensitive to her and her friends.

That all aside, she's someone one would want on their side in a fight, and she has her head about her enough to know right from wrong and that there's a time and a place for everything. Mel and Jess are nice girls, like Kristen, but you don't wanna push their fuckin' buttons.

Kristen has pretty much inspired me to make my own fan fic characters and using them to embody characteristics and traits that I think that every self-aware young woman should have. Things like sensitivity, having some balls, being intelligent and knowing what matters to you and who you are, and the ability to own up to a wrong or shortcoming when you know that you're wrong, and above all else, being yourself.

In short, Kristen is a role model for young women if you can see beyond the press bullshit about her esposed by gossip sites, haters, people out to make a quick buck off her fame, and see that she's honest, kind, shy, has feelings, and does care about the world around her.

Sorry for the long message, but I felt it was important to share how Kristen as inspired me to do something with my free time and have fun with it. It was also a friend of mine who is a fellow Kristen fan, and Kristen herself, for getting me to give a shit about the Twilight Saga to being with.
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PostSubject: Re: How Has Kristen Inspired You?   Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:51 am

Kristen inspiers me by remaining true to herself.
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Kristen's Ninja

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PostSubject: Re: How Has Kristen Inspired You?   Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:34 pm

An other thing I like about Kristen is that she doesn't cake herself with make up and fancy clothes to make herself beautiful. Her understated physical beauty, which allows her to shine without over doing it with the make up and clothes, really is an allusion to her inner beauty.

Which brings me to one of my ultimate favorite thing about Kristen. And that's her confidence.

She's confident enough to let her be herself for herself and not give a damn about what other people want her to do and are trying to goad her into doing. She's got the confidence to split her time between mini-dresses and heels, which appeases her male fanbase obviously, and T-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes.

Granted, you need to be hot to really pull that off, but you need to be more than "hot", you need to have Kristen's mix of physical beauty and inner confidence.

All there are people Kristen's age or younger who've had plastic surgery and wear ten pound of make up. All Kristen wears is some rouge/foundation or blush, some lip gloss, and, especially in summer, nail polish, and she's got the balls to paint her stubby, not very feminine fingernails. And she's also got the balls to take her shoes off when she knows that photogs are out to take photos and video of her going barefoot. And guess what? She doesn't care!

Just consider this quote: "I think it's ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty." I don't find Kristen to be like a Barbie, I find her to be real. She's not plastic outside of inside, for that matter. She's a real human woman with real thoughts, opinions and things that she cares about.

The woman's got balls beyond what a lot of people have, and she's adimant about being shy and awkward in the spot light and doesn't give a shit what people think about her for being awkward like any shy 20 year old young woman is. I prefer to call it being human and being honest, something that Kristen considers a true virtue.
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PostSubject: Re: How Has Kristen Inspired You?   Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:40 pm

What i love about Kristen is her shyness and awkwardness! I am also shy and awkward and seeing her go on talk shows even when she is uncomfortable. I also like kristen's style. I like kristen because she has a no nonsense attitude.
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PostSubject: Re: How Has Kristen Inspired You?   

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How Has Kristen Inspired You?
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