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 Kristen Inqusition short film on You Tube--confirm what we already know?

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PostSubject: Kristen Inqusition short film on You Tube--confirm what we already know?   Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:32 pm

Has anyone seen this? It's basically a collection of You Tube clips that a fan made to show us what Kristen goes though and how she's coping with her issues and how she hasn't let the paps and a few overzealous fans get her down. Even features the creepy video of the fans who staked out her house. Kristen was much nicer to them than she had to be in my book. I'd have called the cops or the nearest mental institution and got a restraining order.

It shows the good and the bad and seems to be a well balanced film. Which is good, when it seems that the media has largely been biased against Kristen.

I know that the media section would be better for this probably, and if deemed so, an admin or mod should feel free to move it. However, it's been talked about on IMDB's Kristen forum and I though that it should be shared here on this site. However, should one feel the urge to look it up on You Tube, be aware that some of the pap videos will likely piss you off. On that, it may not be good to post on here at all, so I won't post a link, though I know that a lot of you at IMDB have seen it already.

Just letting readers know that if someone is looking for a fair repesentation of Kristen on the internet and demonstrates what our girl has to put up with, watch the video of you'd like. However, just knowing what Kristen has to put up with is frustrating enough, hence, viewer descretion is advised.

Anyone see this and have opinions, or does it just confirm what we already know?
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Kristen Inqusition short film on You Tube--confirm what we already know?
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