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 Great comment for Kristen at OTR IMDb board

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PostSubject: Great comment for Kristen at OTR IMDb board    Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:42 am


Being that most of my life I've been first and foremost a fanboy of major Hollywood American productions, that would make female oriented chick flicks my least fave film genre. So as you can imagine, films from The Twilight Saga franchise are nowhere near the top of my list. In fact, the only reason why I even bothered going to the theater to watch New Moon was because Kristen Stewart was playing the lead role. I must admit that I fell in love with Kristen in a vicarious manner after watching her portray Em Lewin in Adventureland. So perhaps I'm blind to any of Kristen's faults. However, I should also mention that I'm also a very hard sell. And just the fact that I've fallen so hard for Kristen's acting proves that there must be something extra special about her. Kristen has had such an impact on my movie preferences that I'm now leaning heavily towards indie films.

I find it so amusing that until very recently, even some top film critics judged Kristen almost exclusively by the manner in which she portrays Bella Swan. As some of the other posters mentioned previously, she has over 20 film credits under her belt--so why not critique Kristen on some of her non-Twilight roles? Thankfully she has decided to star in several independently produced films in order to sharpen her acting skills and showcase her ability to play some of the most difficult roles imaginable. In her past, present and future performances she has played the role of an adolescent rape victim, a teen with a neuromuscular disorder, a bisexual rockstar, a transvestite inmate, a kidnapped child, a victim of a violent home invasion, a mentally unstable girl living in a haunted house, a stripper/prostitute, the daughter of a cutthroat Hollywood producer, and a tortured teen in love with a vampire.

Yeah, Kristen did not turn out Oscar worthy performances in the vast majority of her previous roles. Yet how can you knock an actress who is willing and able to push the envelope and swing for the fences, so to speak. Should we prefer young Hollywood actresses to stick with family friendly fare? Or should young actresses be confined to starring in big budget action flicks and surreal fantasy films that don't require much acting talent? Unlike most young actresses her age, Kristen already has a resume that could rival most veteran actresses working in Hollywood today. And as of recently she is beginning to receive critical acclaim for her performances in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys. So why doubt an actress who has already been there and done that? And yes--Kristen has portrayed the life of a real-life person in a biopic--and has absolutely nailed the part! In my opinion, only great actors have the ability to excel in a biopic--hence that's what major acting awards are made for.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337692/board/thread/162829849?d=163437464&p=4#163437464
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PostSubject: Re: Great comment for Kristen at OTR IMDb board    Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:47 pm

LLOWENS is one of my favourite poster on IMDB board. His words of wisdom are true on many ways. i dont think that there's anymore PASSIONATE FanBoy that can speak of such manner about Kristen Stewart. Yes Kristen is ADORED by many Female fans in particular but by Fanboys? that is another case, so to speak..

I love all the fanboys that has contributed to expand Kristen's fan community. it has been a delightful journey. and the BEST THING IS it keeps on growing! I just hope that one day all of the fanboys would come and visit the IMDb board and flock yourself there and stay with the Kristen IMDB family because i myself is a part of IMDb family and its the best family ONLINE ever . #Legit. happy hug

that is all.
love,sara smiley happy 2

TeamKristenMakesMeHorny.Nuff Said dance

Be healthy and FUCK everyone!
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Great comment for Kristen at OTR IMDb board
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